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Licensed FIFA Match Agent

Licensed UEFA Match Agent - Stéphane SALIU

118, avenue Pasteur
13300 Salon de Provence


Mr SALIU Stéphane
+33 (0) 7 86 13 13 13


M. GINESTE Christophe
+33 (0) 6 76 34 90 99


Fax : +33 (0) 9 70 32 75 74


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Whether the season to prepare, organize a commando operation in a decisive match, or resolder a group in difficulty, we organize courses or customized stay in the most suitable places.

Absolutely everything is included. If you have any demands or requirements, they will be satisfied.

If you want to surprise or innovate, we have some suggestions for you. Places of residence, living conditions and environment: our selection criteria particularly rigorous answers to ensure you meet your expectations.


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24/05/12 - Launch of new website

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  • Training Camp
  • Friendly Match
  • Match Prestige
  • International Tour
  • Jubilee

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